Mother’s Day!

IMG_0165This year’s Mother’s Day was a little unusual. After a brunch with my favorite family, I was dropped off at the Long Beach Airport to head to NY for an event on Monday night. Bart took the girls to the Long Beach Aquarium for a fun-filled afternoon, sending me pictures to enjoy, while I sat at the airport bar and also enjoyed some motherly space.


In New York I attended the Webby Awards, an awards show for companies and individuals who have made a difference online – it’s like the Oscars for nerds (and I love Internet nerds). In addition to “web famous” celebrities you may/may not know, there are always ACTUAL celebrities you DO know who have achieved online awesomeness in addition to their acting “day job”.

This year Adam Sandler got a lifetime achievement award, presented by Steve Buscemi. Here’s me in the middle:


I also got to “meet” (for a picture and a quippy exchange) David Harbour from Stranger Things, the Netflix show that took the web by storm for original programming. I am among the many who devoured every episode.


But I skipped some Mother’s Day fun! On the Friday BEFORE Mother’s Day, Ella’s school hosted a breakfast for us moms, and I received some priceless originals from Ella Rae Johnson:


You may think she ratted me out for “leaving her unbuckled in the car”, but to set the record 100% straight, what makes her laugh is TELLING me that she’s NOT BUCKLED YET if I ever move the car an inch before she’s done… Bossy pants.

Zoe made me some priceless original art of her own at school



I feel VERY special! Not to be outdone, on Saturday before my travel, Bart took all three of his girls to the nail salon to get our mani/pedis on – what a man!

And so, I think they’re keeping me around for another year, but with this sporadic blogging, as soon as they’re able to read these things, they may change their minds :) Don’t think it’s lost on me that soon Zoe will be SURFING the Internet (not just watching “approved” videos on her iPad), then all bets will be off.

Wish me luck!

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