Happy (belated) Easter!


Not long after Spring Break, we got to celebrate Easter!

What I didn’t blog about yet was that the last part of Spring Break week, Bart and I went to Vegas for a super fast getaway while our friends Holly & Amanda watched the kids. That was also awesome. Bart experienced his first Escape Room, and clearly, since I’m writing this, we got out. But that put us a little behind for Easter planning…

So we scrambled to buy supplies – and Zoe decided she wanted to leave out flowers for the Easter Bunny. How nice is that? Before going to bed, she said “Maybe the Easter Bunny will leave me a thank you note!” And guess what – she did.

She was also so LAZY – I mean, thoughtful this year that she left plastic eggs in a bowl by the fireplace with a note to Mommy & Daddy that said, “Please hide these eggs. Love, E.B.” Apparently she knew it was going to be cold on Easter morning and didn’t want the eggs to get cold. Love that bunny.

We hid 61 eggs and found 58 of them. I consider that a win. I also wonder when (if?) we’ll ever find the few eggs we “never find” each Easter in the backyard. We DID find one from last year THIS year, so maybe? No, we did not eat the candy inside.

Easter Egg Hunts are so much fun we hid those eggs 3 times, then headed to Underwood Farms for an Easterstravaganza! We met the Easter Bunny, at Kettle Corn, saw animals, searched for eggs, and got faces painted. Of course, Ella only wanted POPPY on her face, so I had to find a picture online for the face painter, who I think did a bang-up job painting Poppy from scratch (considering she had never done that before):


Zoe chose the “Blue Fairy Flower” design, of course (SPARKLES GALORE):


We played several carnival games then headed to the Labyrinth, at Zoe’s request, so she could read the story in the maze. It’s not much of a “maze” really, but they have signs posted around the circular hay bale setup that unveil pages in a book (in big form), which Zoe loves to read:

And man, this kid can READ (here’s a short sample):


At home we dyed eggs and watched HOP the movie (quite cute), and that wrapped up another fun Easter for the Johnsons. Then, just a few weeks later, Mommy Johnson finally got around to writing about it, but hey, busy is good, right?

Only problem? We all end up feeling like this:


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