Rubber Ducky, You’re the One


Our girls have been shower kids since they were small. In fact, I remember one of the first times my husband put Zoe in the shower, and I thought “there’s no way she’s going to go for that”, since up until then she’d had a hands-on, barely splashy baby bath in a tiny tub.

Anyway, she loved it. Bart called it “The Rain” and living in a drought-likely area where drivers panic when it rains, I guess as a kid the idea of rain is desirable. But anyway, from then on, she most frequently took a shower.

As a parent, I thought “This is fabulous! No horror story of my kid drowning in the tub when my back is turned for 12 seconds!” (actually, apparently it takes 4-6 minutes before they get brain damage but who wants to test THAT?!). But of course, since just the thought of that gives me a near heart attack, our kids love a bath.

Add in some cups (yes, just plastic ones, since of course we own most bath toys known to man and still, they prefer plastic cups…) and some Lush bath products (all natural, we highly recommend the Rainbow which is a bubble bath / soap combo), and you’ve got one heck of a bath. In fact, Lush has Rainbow, Sea Monster and Aliens & Monsters, all sausage-shaped, play-doh textured soap that generates bubbles when you hold it under the water and turns your kids (temporarily) to the color of the soap when they use it, which they quite enjoy.

Also fun in the bath? Swim goggles – or a snorkel (that second one I do NOT recommend in a tub with two little girls who both want “room”). And of course, teach your older child what it means for the younger one to be in trouble in a tub. Imagine me saying, “Now Zoe, if Ella slips under the water you have to get her head out of that water quickly or she can get a big owie.” Yes, I said that, verbatim. No, I did not say what I was actually thinking: “If you don’t help her, she will drown and die, and you won’t have a sister anymore and will have to take a bath (if I ever allow that again, which I likely will NOT) with your mother in the tub with you.”

The irony? Guess which kid thinks it’s fun to hold the other kid’s head under the water when she tries to snorkel in the tub? That’s right: Ella. I will wait to be concerned and monitor her behavior with small animals (though if our cat is any indication, Ella mostly avoids her – oh, and Jasmine will still come running from halfway across the room to jump on Ella, so maybe she knows something we don’t).

Anyway, no doubt about it, I obsessively sit in the room with them when they choose  bath (they still do shower often), playing music on my phone, singing songs or reading books – and trying to keep dry. That way I’m always at the ready to snap some photos, just in case they look like this:




2 thoughts on “Rubber Ducky, You’re the One

  1. Be GLAD they like the bath because those are some of the most adorable pictures you’ve taken of them! Seriously. I especially love the first one… you can just tell she’s a pesky little sis!

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