Happy Father’s Day 6.0

zoefacepaintcampingDear Dad,

I cannot BELIEVE this is your 6th Father’s Day – and your 2nd as a “Father of Two”. My, how time flies. Before you know it, they’ll be graduating from high school.

But before all that happens, I’d like to reflect. If there’s one thing I hope our children learn by looking at this blog when they’re old enough to appreciate it, it’s how lucky they are to have a dad like you.

You are patient. You are a teacher. You ALLOW them to learn, even when your wife can barely stand it. And for the permanent record, you are RIGHT to give them that space to learn (most of the time), for our children are confident, independent, caring and smart, thanks to your patience and care.

You are a planner, and also thanks to you, our children will hopefully be able to afford college and might even end up with an inheritance to squander away on some frivolous vacation to Tahiti (which is not a bad idea).

You are a caretaker, anticipating ALL our needs, from specially shaped pancakes for breakfast to “the perfect water bottle” to family vacations and frequent date nights (which benefit us all). You take care of everyone else, too, showing your children how to be a great friend and an incredible partner.

Speaking of which, you truly are my partner. My partner in life, my partner in crime, my partner in this crazy parenting adventure. And of all things I hope they notice, it’s how to love someone completely and be the other half of a partnership, not just through the easy, fun-filled times but through the tough ones that make you question everything.

You are an incredible father, an amazing partner, and the best friend I could ever imagine. And even with your quirky quirky QUIRKY quirks, you’re just an awesome person to be around (or maybe it’s because of those?)

Happy Father’s Day, Bart Johnson.

Oh, and I’m pretty sure your kids are going to end up just like you – and we’ll all be (mostly) thankful for that:





4 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day 6.0

  1. Awww! Very sweet. Glad you have a great teammate for this whole parenting thing! Also: 1) I love the straw teeth. 2) Is that a banana clip?! 3) In the top photo, did Zoe get her face painted, or did someone try to dress up a chocolate smear? :) Happy father’s day, Bart! You make great kids! :)

    1. I sure do have a great teammate! Also: 1) me too, 2) yes I thought they had been banned, and 3) that was face painting at a music festival when Dad finally realized he should take a picture and send it to mom… so I think the answer is “both”.

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