California Dreamin’


What a hippie chick. Check out the rainbow unicorn necklace she insisted on having for her birthday favors – and of course, she insisted on having one for herself, too…

But that’s not what this blog is about. Last weekend it was nap time, and Bart really needed a nap (long night with Ella). So I volunteered to put both girls to bed so he could sleep.

To prep Zoe for the situation, I warned her: Do NOT leave this room unless it’s an emergency.

She grinned.

So I knew I couldn’t leave it at that. The following conversation ensued:

  • Me:  Give me an example of something that is NOT an emergency.
  • Zoe:  I can tell you something that IS an emergency.
  • Me:  Ok, we’ll start there.
  • Zoe:  If the house starts shaking, and the ground opens up, and the floor starts to open up, too, and I have one foot over here (stepping to the side) and one foot over here (stepping to the other side of the imaginary crack in the earth), then that would be an emergency.
  • Me:  Absolutely. And if that happens, I want you to scream at the top of your lungs and wake up everyone. That would be a REAL emergency. (In my head I’m running through every movie we’ve ever watched with her that was “suspect” and wondering where she ever got THAT visual in her head… I still don’t know)
  • Zoe:  Oh, and if there’s a fire.
  • Me:  Yes! If there’s a fire, that would be an emergency, and you should also wake everyone.
  • Zoe:  Or if a bee stings me.
  • Me:  Well, if a bee stings you maybe you come find me first, and I’ll help. (I don’t have the heart to tell her that we don’t know if she’s allergic to bees, and there’s a chance THAT would also be an emergency. I mean, come on, she thinks the EARTH is going to open up.)
  • Zoe:  Ok, and if I’m crying from the bee sting, I’ll just try to cry really soft, like this and come find you. (Insert fake, almost unintelligible crying)
  • Me:  Perfect. I think we’re all set. Now go to sleep.
  • Zoe:  OK, Mom. Night night.

For the record, she did her part, and there was no emergency (thank goodness). And Bart got some sleep.

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