All’s Fair at the Fair


If you’ve ever played a carnival game, you’ll know that’s not at all true:

All is NOT Fair at the Fair.

In fact, we like to arrive early to play those squirt RACE games so we’ll be the only ones playing (which means you automatically win). This time Zoe and I raced one another, and there were actually 2 others playing (we went on last day of the fair and it was packed as soon as it opened). Good news? I won. Better news? She thinks SHE won ;)

Nothing like a mama bear instinct to provide the absolute focus you need to win a cheap stuffed blue dog bursting at the seam for your baby bear at the fair.


At other games, we were not so lucky. Wish I’d read this article about How to Win at Carnival Games before we went…

Regardless, we had a great time. Zoe is tall enough to ride most rides. Bart made me go down one of those crazy tall slides in a sack with Zoe… and I did NOT have to ride “go around as fast as you can in a circle then cover the coaster with a parachute” roller coaster. It was hard enough to watch:


Ella rode the carousel (though she was not a huge fan), ate part of a corn dog and fell asleep amid throngs of people, balloon popping carnival games and loud rides filled with children. She clearly takes after her father.


Oh, and I had my fortune told. The first thing that “came to her” as I entered the tent? That instead of the $10 palm reading, she could really feel my energy and was being “told” that she could give me a lot more information if we did the $20 full fortune telling offer instead. It was so funny to hear that I did it. And boy am I glad I did. Here’s what we all learned for twenty bucks:

  • I will live a long time. Into my late 80s or 90s and be in good health.
  • My husband loves me very much but sometimes he’s not there for me emotionally (ha!)
  • I am a leader and work with a lot of people I like (totally true).
  • I have been fortunate and things have come my way when I really needed them (absolutely true).
  • 2016 will be a very good year for me.
  • Zoe snuck in and stood beside me, and for that same $20 we also learned that she will be wealthy and successful by the time she is 40. Bonus!

The secret to fortune telling? Tell everyone what ANYONE would want to hear and you can’t go wrong. We all want to believe it anyway.

In addition to the normal Fair crowd and sound experience, it was INCREDIBLY hot. We ended up with one of those misters (a PINK one no less):


What sass. Miss Sassy Pants also had homemade ice cream, some funnel cake and cotton candy. Pretty shocking when I think back to the fact that her dad didn’t even want her to have JUICE when she was small – “All That Sugar!” Someone’s got someone wrapped around their little finger. Just sayin’ Though I can’t say I blame him ;)

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