Bop Bop Bop


First of all, WHAT HAPPENED?

In less than a month, Zoe will be 5 years old. One two three four FIVE. In just over a month, Ella will be one whole year old. ONE! Now that I got that out of my system, a lot has happened since last I wrote:

  • Ella has TWO teeth! Those bottom center little teeth that show up when she smiles. So cute. And she’s already working on a third.
  • Zoe will be starting Kindergarten on August 18 – that’s like a week from now, yikes! She was conveniently born ON the cutoff date for Kindergarten (Sept 1). Poor Ella was not, but we’re hoping that Zoe’s such a joy in school that someone will make an exception when it’s Ella’s turn – OR that they’ll move that cutoff forward to Sept 16.
  • Ella is up and toddling at a good clip, which gets her faster access to the electrical outlet, toilet or tiny choking hazard. Speaking of which…
  • Ella is also putting everything possible in her mouth. It was right around this age that Zoe did exactly the same thing. Conveniently, Zoe has entered the phase where she LOVES tiny toys. I’m not even kidding. Go to the My Little Pony section of any toy store and try to talk her into the “big” ponies. Useless. But oh, how about some super tiny puffy fairy stickers? PLEASE, MOM?!
  • Both children sleep (or don’t sleep or even want to fall asleep) at will, and to be entirely honest, most of this year is just a big blur.

One of my favorite recent happenings? Ella’s first “words”.

I call them that because we really haven’t gotten much past diggum, giggum and her reading us the riot act with incredibly serious facial expressions and completely unintelligible sounds (which is hilarious). Though she DOES have a few signs: All Done, More and Daddy. In fact, she basically refuses to sign Mommy and when you show her the sign, she shakes her head and shows you “Daddy”.

She “may” have SAID Daddy, but what we look for is a consistency in how / when she uses a word to know she KNOWS it. Which leads me to my very favorite: DOG.

Not only was it her first that wasn’t “All Done” (which is a common first, since it basically is a child’s way to say “Get me the heck out of here right now can’t you see I am done eating!”, and they eat often, so it has an unfair advantage over any other sign). But signing DOG, gets her truly excited.

Though she doesn’t just sign it anymore. She now shouts “BOP BOP BOP” as she slaps her leg and smiles. So.Damn.Cute.

I have a few other blogs “in my head” (Palm Springs Family Vacation on 4th of July – yes, it’s late – and Zoe’s Reading Class), but you’ll have to wait. In the meantime, here’s a “Daddy Dressed Me” morning photo (no wonder they’re both Daddy’s Girls):


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