Pretty in PINK?!


As you’ve probably noticed, I’ve given up. In contrast to my adamant refusal to let poor Zoe fall into society’s version of “little girl pink”, Little Ella already owns a heck of a lot of pink. A pink blanket, pink onesies, even a pink accented carseat. Shocking, I know, but apparently kids don’t care what YOU want (and in fact, I’ve decided that the more you DO NOT want princesses, the more those princesses simply appear).

Just ask Zoe what she wants to be when she grows up: A PRINCESS.

What does she want to wear today (any day)? A DRESS (a pretty one, Mom). What does she want for Christmas? A wide array of princess stuff.

In fact, she owns far more frilly bows, dazzling hair clips, sparkling headbands and shockingly realistic looking princess jewelry than one little girl should be allowed. Her favorite shoes? Pink sparkly ones. And so it goes.

Knowing that little Ella will no doubt want to be just like her big sister (for a while anyway) and will absolutely end up with her hand-me-downs, I have decided to embrace it. Which led me to this:


(yes, that’s a ridiculous black velvet bow headband – at least it’s black?)

My husband was mortified. He was equally mortified by the amazing red dress Zoe picked out for her Christmas photos – it has an empire waist with a bow and layers of tulle (I think that’s what it’s called?) underneath to make it stand out in true princess fashion. And it looks fabulous with sparkly tights and a gold headband:


And believe me, if it hadn’t been for the traditional Christmas colors winning out, it would have been PINK.

2 thoughts on “Pretty in PINK?!

  1. Love Zoe’s Christmas dress – everything about that outfit screams sophistication.

    And let’s face it: Ella, by virtue of being the younger sister, will end up wearing hand-me-downs – so regardless of her palette preference, she’s going to end up wearing a heck of a lot of pink.

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