Daddy Daughter Trip!


Two blurry weeks ago (better late than never?), Bart and Zoe ventured out alone on their first official daddy-daughter “all grown up” trip, including a plane trip, a rental car and VEGAS, baby!

For years Bart has had the goal of taking Zoe to see Grandpa Bernie play volleyball in the Huntsman Senior Games in Saint George, Utah (which he does every year). Honestly, this was probably the first year she would have been able to really enjoy it, and of course, what better year than the year we have a NEWBORN at home? ;)

Thankfully, my mom was out to help, so timing worked out perfectly. For the first time ever, Zoe had her own rolling luggage (a ladybug, no less), which she joyfully tugged along through airports and hallways without complaint. They flew first to Las Vegas, stayed one night at the Monte Carlo, and went to the Blue Man Group show. Apparently the first 30 minutes of the show were fantastic (Zoe particularly loved the Marshmallow toss bit).


The next morning they drove to Saint George to watch the games and spend time with Grandma and Grandpa! Per Grandpa, his team “peaked early” this year, but fun was had by all (cute pictures below to prove it).

On Saturday they drove back to Vegas and had a little extra time on their hands, so Bart took Zoe to the “top of the Eiffel Tower” at the Paris hotel. Up was no problem, but they had to wait 30 minutes to get DOWN due to elevator issues, and almost missed their flight home. According to Bart, little Zoe the Trooper pulled an “OJ”, running through the airport without missing a beat and they made it home safe and sound.

Did I mention I married the best man in the world? Lucky me – and lucky Zoe and Ella to have such a great dad! Speaking of dads, yes, that’s Bart’s dad below catching some air at his volleyball tournament – the senior games are NO JOKE, and did I also mention that Bernie is 76 years old???? I can’t jump that high at my age! Kudos to Grandma and Grandpa for staying so active – make a note, kids (and please keep your old parents young by keeping us on the run!)

DSC_0843 DSC_0901DSC_0857


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