The Waiting Game


I know, I know. I’m not even DUE yet.

But seriously, Zoe was 11 days early, and by all accounts, that generally means that baby #2 is also early (and faster / easier, though we’ll see about that part).  So I’ve been obsessively counting the days. Honestly, since last Saturday, I’ve been SURE that “every day was the day”. Guess what? It wasn’t.

In my defense, here are some reasons WHY I’ve thought we were going to have a baby EVERY day this week:

  • Last weekend I started feeling quite “off” – exhausted, increased pressure (turns out the baby “dropped”), and literally unable to think straight. No baby.
  • On Monday night, there was a FULL moon! My grandmother swore by babies being born on moon changes, and turned out she was right about Zoe, who was born on a “Last Quarter” moon change (remember? 11 days early).
  • On Tuesday, I went in for my regular doc appointment for my first physical check. She calmly said “You’re 3 cm.” I got excited – for no reason. Apparently “2nd baby bodies” can do this part early, and it can last for a while… On the bright side, she did say “At least your 30% of the way there!”
  • On Wednesday, I was SO WRAPPED UP with work that I got the “No New Email” screen on gmail. It didn’t last long, but I have never seen it… a SURE sign that Ella was coming. Nope. Wednesday was also the first date that one of my managers “bet” would be my due date. Sorry, Karin.
  • On Thursday, I ate THE Salad. Now, I’ve been joking about this salad since I first heard about it – they swear it induces labor in 48 hours (in fact, many women say faster). I’m a skeptic. I just told our friend Holly about it for her friend who was OVERDUE – she ate the salad last Sunday and on Monday at 4:35 pm, she had her baby. I’m not making this stuff up. So at 6:30 pm Thursday, I ate it. Technically, I have some hours left for it work…?
  • FRIDAY was Zoe’s original due date AND exactly 11 days early for Ella’s due date.  In addition, I headed into my acupuncturist to start her inducement magic. The first time she did this for me with Zoe, it worked.

Guess what today is? Saturday: Still.No.Baby.

When I think about all the women at 40+ weeks, walking incessantly, jumping, trying anything, I feel sort of dumb being frustrated by not having given birth by my very own imaginary due date ;) But still. It’s been well over 90 degrees this week (most days from 95-100), and let me tell you, that’s hot when you’re pregnant. Or even when you’re not.

Plus, I’m very goal-oriented.

Anyway, I like to think I’m coming to my senses. Yesterday in the shower as I was obsessing, I gave myself some good advice “Let it Go. There IS a Plan, and it’s NOT Mine.” I know exactly who’s in charge here: ELLA.

So Dearest Ella, we’re ready: Mom, Dad, Zoe, the doctors, the doula, every single friend/family member who keeps checking in to see if you’re here yet, every single day. We have diapers and clothes and a properly installed car seat all ready, just for you (among 1,000 other tiny details to make sure you’re well taken care of).

Sure, we’ll wait until YOU are ready, but if that could be sometime soon, that would be AOK. Plus, look what you have to look forward to:

IMG_2217 IMG_4335

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