Sugar, Sugar. Aww, I Miss Honey.


The things we do for love.

Often lately I reminisce about the Perfect Pregnancy I had with Zoe. Sure, that was 4 years ago, and it’s possible my memory is fuzzy (and falsely positive), but I distinctly remember everyone asking me “How are you feeling?” – and my response, “I don’t want to jinx it, but I feel great!”

In contrast, sweet Ella’s pregnancy has been a little less “great” (though equally amazing). I’m sure you remember me whining about the morning sickness. But then the clouds parted, my energy came back and I finally got to say “I feel great!” again. But not so fast…

3 weeks ago, I failed my 1-hour glucose screen. Not a big deal, same thing happened with Zoe. So I went back on Friday for the 3-hour tour (FAST all night, draw blood, drink glucose in 5 mins, wait an hour, draw blood, wait an hour, draw blood, wait an hour, draw blood). Sounds like a blast, right? Honestly, the phlebotomist was awesome, but still.

That weekend (which we affectionally call “Ice Cream Weekend”), I prepared for the worst. Lots of google searches on what to do if you DO have Gestational Diabetes, just in case – which only made me want MORE sweets and carbs, immediately. And on Monday June 30, I got the test results: I FAILED.

So, I have Gestational Diabetes (GD). Like Morning Sickness, which gave me a new appreciation for ANYONE dealing with nausea, GD has given me a new appreciation for anyone living with diabetes or sugar issues.

What does this all mean for me? 

  • Avoid all refined sugar, period (ARE YOU NUTS?! I’m pregnant!)
  • Cut back on carbs and balance them with protein and whole grains (seriously, PREGNANT)
  • Eat 6 times a day (3 meals, 3 snacks – max 30g carbs for meals, 15g for snacks)
  • Test blood sugar 4 times a day (fasting and after each “meal”)

All I want is a donut and some ice cream, which is crazy because pre-pregnant I VERY RARELY wanted either. Now carbs are a whole different story, and you’d be AMAZED how many carbs there are in things! And you’d think fruit would be OK, and in limited quantities it can be but not for breakfast (OH HOW I MISS YOU, OJ). I thought giving up Chardonnay was hard. The hardest part is remembering to prick my finger exactly 1 hour after meals…

But I must not complain. First, this is all for a VERY good cause (yes, Ella, I mean YOU!), and second, yesterday I hit 30 weeks, so at max, I have 10 more weeks of this. And one bright spot: we got to see Ella again. They do a lot of measurement/checking with moms who have GD, and next week I meet with a dietician. Oh, and Ella as the perfect size (estimated 2 lbs, 8 oz), so we’re off to a good start!

On the brightest side, THIS pregnancy thing is pretty terrific! The good thing about GD is that there are no real symptoms, so honestly, I really DO feel great. And Ella is a moving MACHINE. Kicks, punches, acrobatics – it’s a veritable martial arts show / circus in my belly, and it’s awesome. Zoe giggles when she watches the “show”, she kisses Ella good night every night, and she’s constantly planning what she’s going to do when Ella arrives. Plus, my husband is still the best man on the planet.

So ultimately, I remain incredibly happy and fortunate to get to have this experience at all – and just think, if not for this GD thing, I’d be writing about painting walls and setting up Ella’s room OR taking a Hypnobirth class. Wait, I will write about both those things, so you’re not off the hook ;)

But that will be later. Time to prick my finger and donate more blood to the GD machine. And if Zoe weren’t asleep I’d get to hear her say “Can I see the BLOOD?!” Just another sign she’s my child – or that I watched too much Law & Order and CSI during my last mat leave – except I only tolerate “blood” on TV… Wish me luck!

2 thoughts on “Sugar, Sugar. Aww, I Miss Honey.

  1. You don’t need luck. The Lord is checking on you every day with lots of love from mom. And you are doing all the right things my princess. Lots of love m

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