Hope I don’t make your head spin with the lack of chronological order, but I must comment on our trip home to GA. We spent nine days at my sister’s house (yes, she’s a saint), where Zoe got A LOT of time with her cousins. It was awesome to watch.

Sure, sometimes cousins don’t see eye-to-eye (my almost 11-year-old niece would appreciate a few more hugs from Zoe, and my just-turned-7-year-old nephew doesn’t always want to share – oh, and Zoe wants everything, all the time), but overall, they had a blast. My niece is super creative, and one of the projects she dreamed up for cousin time was making cookies for Santa – complete with santa aprons and lots of red and green sprinkles!

The three of them looked SO CUTE rolling the dough into balls and covering them with sprinkles – some red, some green, some both. With the Christmas music blasting in the background and not a bicker to be heard, it was a delightful memory – more delightful than my sister’s memories of taking them to the indoor playground while Bart & I were at work, I’m afraid…

Not that they bickered – as far as I know, they did not. But apparently, our daughter is FEARLESS, running straight for the trampolines filled with bouncing big kids (remember, she IS a big girl), sliding down the really big slide without assistance. Honestly, I had no idea that other kids DIDN’T do that, but then my sister said, “You could have warned me.” Guess that means that other kids aren’t so fearless ;)

Thankfully, my sister captured some of the sheer joy on video (and skipped the scary moments):


So, in summary, cousin time rocks. If only we could take everyone we love and put them in the same place (one that’s almost constantly sunny and warm and filled with kind, open-minded people – am I asking too much?) Until then, we’ll cherish our family time and get it as often as we can (ideally in the warmer months).

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