The Doc is In


I distinctly remember being one of those judgy pants pregnant women saying, “I will NOT be one of those parents who has all that STUFF around the house!” I had been to many a house where the toys were overflowing, but NOT MINE. Worse, I was adamant about not wanting “all that PLASTIC” around.


Flash forward 3 years and guess what? We’ve got more toys than we know what to do with (yes, many are plastic). And I AM one of “those parents”. I also distinctly remember being certain that “My Kid” wouldn’t be one of those whiney ones in the stores who is so spoiled s/he has to have something new, all the time.

“My Kid” rarely leaves the store empty-handed.

So when my daughter asked for her THIRD (plastic) doctor kit, I shouldn’t have been surprised. It was Doc McStuffins, after all (purple with a pink glitter handle). The other two were VERY different, Mom. But Disney was not satisfied with us having just THREE kits – they were so determined to fill my house with plastic that they put a picture of a reflex hammer on the outside of the kit – but NO hammer inside.

Zoe insisted that she must have a “bammer” or the kit was really just no good.

I put my foot down (sort of). To get that “bammer” she was going to have to give up 17 stuffed animals (leaving countless others, but still). I was sure that would end the conversation. Turns out she’s MY kid, willing to go the distance to get the thing she really wants (at the time).

As we donated 17 stuffed animals to other kids who didn’t HAVE stuffed animals, she cheerfully said “BYE” and asked if we were going to the store now to get her bammer. And we did. Of course, that required a whole new kit (they don’t sell those by themselves).

Four stethoscopes, 3 shots, 2 “blow pressure” monitors and countless bandages later, I think we’re all set.

If you’re in need of a checkup, come on over. The Doc is In.

CLICK FOR VIDEO (of a checkup without a kit – they’re just as good and a whole lot cheaper)

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