Tiny Dancer


From an early age, Zoe loved to dance. Well, she loved music and liked us to pick her up and dance with her, until she could wiggle her own booty in a “booty dance” her father taught her. But that’s another story.

These days, she likes dancing, and for the past few weeks, she’s been taking a “dance” class at school which integrates ballet and tap, so they say. If that’s the case, they look very similar to me ;) Regardless, she gets to take the class with her school friend, Hazel Basil, and she loves it.

But maybe you should judge the results for yourself.

Check out the BEFORE and AFTER videos below that I happened to catch on video:






I came home to the dance in the AFTER video happening in the backyard with Dad. So I cannot explain, nor take credit/blame for the country music in the background. Clearly, it was not a deterrent to dancing.

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