Zoe’s Famous Flop!

By now you’ve probably seen this video on Facebook or YouTube (or emailed to you directly from the proud daddy who invented this very flop). Shame on mommy for being slow to blog about it. My story has been scooped.

Thankfully there’s more to report. For example, what you may not already know is that Zoe likes watching her own videos as much as we do. She surfs her own YouTube channel on the iPad, which lately often leads to “I wanna flop” and her taking one of us into the bedroom to watch her. What you also might be missing out on is that she’s starting to grow up or something. Here are some glimpses into our lives in recent days:

  1. NO has mostly turned into “No Thank You”. Ok, so sporadically at least. Victory is on the horizon.
  2. We have almost won the “please” battle – in a big way. We’ve been trying for months to just get a please, but NOW, with a little prompting, we get a full sentence with please attached: “I wanna go outside….please”
  3. Speaking of “I wanna”, she sure wanna’s a lot. Not our favorite word, especially when it’s delivered in an emphatic (read: whining) voice. We’re working on our big girl voice, and she DOES know the difference, but it’s not her voice of choice yet.
  4. Thank goodness Mr. Brown can whisper whisper. We’re also working on the “inside voice”. So many voices to choose from – she’s testing them all as she figures out which one she wants. Please vote for the inside one…
  5. She’s starting to have her own opinion of things. She “likes it” (or not). It’s “gross. ew.” or it’s “tasty” (most of the time it’s tasty and not sure where gross & ew came from, but as with most bad things, I’m sure it came from me).

And speaking of opinions, I’d love yours on whether or not TIME OUT is working for us. Have you ever seen a child just STAND in Time Out without complaint? I have. In fact, she’s standing perfectly still in a corner, looking at me and smiling. That seems wrong to me – or at least very much like something I would want to do just to freak out my jail keepers (don’t throw ME in that briar patch).

In case I’m doing something wrong, here’s the scenario:

  • Zoe does something displeasing (swatting at my face, for example, or biting my arm, as she just did last night…)
  • I take her immediately to a corner to stand there
  • I tell her why she’s there (“we do NOT bite people”)
  • She stands. And smiles. Often says “Hi!” in a sweet voice. And she does not move for however long I make her stay there… (usually 2 mins)
  • Before she leaves Time Out, she is required to explain what she’s not going to do anymore, which she does.

Isn’t that creepy? One day I frightened her when I picked her up to take her to a corner (she was trying to get outside to follow daddy when I’d asked her 3 times to come to me, away from the door). She was not happy about being taken away from her mission and was crying. So she stood completely still, crying in the corner, until she reached up to wipe her eye and realized she was crying (I am not kidding). At which point she said, in a surprised voice, “I’m crying. I’m crying?” Then she wiped her eyes, smiled, looked up at me and said “Hi”.

Seriously, any insight is appreciated on this one. She DOES seem to know why she’s in Time Out, and she does her part and stays there. But is this how it’s supposed to go?! Seems odd to me… but if it IS payback for all the manipulative things I did growing up, I guess I deserve it.

5 thoughts on “Zoe’s Famous Flop!

  1. You’re doing it just fine and perfect really. I’d actually turn her to the corner though, not facing out and being able to see you and still be ‘entertained’. Kevin did similar…knew what he was doing wasn’t ‘right’ but didn’t get that being in the corner was a punishment until I made him turn his nose into the corner. THEN he understood that he wasn’t allowed to be part of the group, team or mommy time for his minutes in the corner. And be consistent. Even if you’re not home, you can find a corner as Kevin found out a couple times.

    And something I did when Kevin was in the hitting, bitting, pinching Mommy phase. I pretended it ‘really really’ hurt. And I pretend cried, really acted like I was so very sad. Made him understand that he was hurting me and that wasn’t nice. I honestly only had to do that a few times and he never did it again…to anyone. It’s another way of getting a reaction out of you, for attention (negative attention or positive is what they want at this age).

    1. Awesome advice, Kathleen – and we tried it, AND you’re right. She’s not a fan of the corner ;) I haven’t had an opportunity (thankfully) to try the acting advice out, but I plan to – THANK YOU!

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