4th of July, and Kitties.

Our friends Maggie & Gary just hosted a 4th of July party at their home, which was awesome, but one of the coolest parts was watching Zoe with the kitties. Don’t get me wrong – the friends, the food, the pool were all great, but I have never ever met such sweet kittens. Sure, they’re only 4 months old and have spent much of that time with 2 little girls “loving” them a whole bunch (they technically “belong” to Maggie & Gary’s little girls, Mia & Julia). But WOW.

I wouldn’t have believed it had I not unleashed our almost-2-year-old on them – as evidenced by the video above. She loves animals. Any animals. But especially dogs and cats. And super especially the ones that sit still and let her pet them. She can even sign “PET”, just in case she runs into anyone who can’t seem to HEAR her say “Wanna pet, wanna pet, wanna pet”.

I hope PETA thinks the video is as cute as we do. Even though there’s a little unnecessary roughness, it’s sealed with a kiss. Doesn’t that balance everything out? Before you ask, NO. We do not plan to get Zoe a kitty any time soon. I’ve assured Bart that as soon as she can ASK for one (check!) AND care for it (I think I’m safe on that one), then we can talk about it. Having personally owned the coolest kitty ever, I’m not opposed, but I sure don’t want one more thing to feel responsible for…

Anyway, it was an awesome 4th, and Zoe felt so inspired, she whipped up a little something on the piano to share. It’s no Ode to Joy, but she sure looks joyous :)

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