My boo-boo.

Mom. There’s a chance you’re not gonna like this one.

But for the sake of posterity (and Zoe’s future prom date), I must do a thorough documentarian’s job and set the record straight. Plus, it’s funny ;)

I honestly have no idea where this came from, but our daughter refers to a bra as a “boo-boo”. Maybe we said “booby” in passing at some point – it’s possible. I can barely keep track of what we say as it is (we’re tired)

Best of all, we’ve got it on VIDEO.

Don’t ask me how she keeps finding my bras – let’s just say, she does. And every time she does, she attempts to put one on. She may not get the idea yet, but she’s in the general vicinity. And I fight my instincts to find other funny ways for her to wear it.

As I type this, my husband is on the potty (door open), and my daughter has found a new pair of white shorts that she’s sure is a hat. So, standing in front of me, she squeezes them on her head – I send her to daddy. He helps her put the shorts on properly (still on potty, thanking me I’m sure) and sends her back to me. I remove the long “size” sticker off the front and give it to her. She immediately puts it over her mouth (as she does every sticker, ever). I did not plant this suggestion.

With sticker over mouth, she heads back to daddy, who moves sticker off her mouth to a proper mustache spot. Then directs her back to me. I move sticker to a unibrow, at which time she lets me know she’s pooped… Guess where I sent her? ;)

Anyway, I think you get the point. As we’re squarely in this “I’m a sponge and absorbing every single thing around me” phase, I struggle (as you can imagine) with when to joke and when to actually teach. I have lots of friends who make me laugh A LOT, so I’m sure they’ve had the same trouble (right?!) Perhaps it’s time to ask.

My sister is a natural teacher – as is my mom – so while they’re funny, they know when to not be. I’m not so gifted. I’ve always wondered how people learn colors. It’s such an abstract concept. Why is blue, blue? And so on. If not for Sesame Street and OK Go!, I’d still be considering teaching Zoe that blue is red, just to see if it sticks, but I love watching that video. She’s already struggling with yellow (thinks it’s red, though she can SAY yellow just fine and she knows that red is red). The subtle colors are tough to discern (my husband thinks his brown shirt is grey. it’s not.), so I’m betting this whole thing is truly learned by repetition. As a child you just hear something enough times from enough sources and poof, that’s what it is. Sounds like marketing.

Oh, and I’m pretty sure she’s dropped the F Bomb. As in “Oh, F…” Again, fighting my instincts to laugh (a lot), I calmly ask her “What did you say?” She repeats. Now it’s not 100% for sure it’s the F word, but it sure sounds like it. My brilliant husband responds, “Oh. Fork!” She says fork, and we move on. It’s happened twice in the past week. We’ll see how that goes. Happy Saturday!

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