OK, so it’s not officially summer yet, but it sure feels like it! So much has happened over the past month, it’s not hard to explain why I’m behind on the blog, but I’ll do my best to get caught up!

May started off with us pulling out the kiddie pool in the backyard, after getting Zoe a new bathing suit (she’s growing so fast!) and stocking up on sunscreen. We also got a sandbox, shaped like a crab, so the backyard fun is underway! (fun = get sandy in sandbox, hop in pool)

For Mother’s Day, I flew to NY to meet my sister for the first weekend traveling “alone” we’ve had since we were 18! No comment on how long ago that was… I was headed to NY for Internet Week NY anyway, so she met me there a day early for Pork Dumplings at Joe’s Shanghai, a canoli in Little Italy and some street shopping. It was a blast!

Meanwhile, Daddy flew solo at home, and as most fathers would do in his situation he took his daughter to Disneyland, alone. IS THAT INSANE OR WHAT?! Honestly, he’s the best mom ever, since while HE was away at JazzFest, my version of single mom was extra Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Super Why – and eating cheese & crackers for dinner at the coffee table. Clearly I earned the awesome Mother’s Day I got to enjoy ;)

The Thursday after Mother’s Day, I flew to GA for my sweet cousin Cathy’s wedding while my saint of a husband flew across the country with our daughter, again SOLO. In the few days before travel, I started seeing charges on my Amazon and iTunes accounts for stickers, movies and activity books – and the cutest Panda headphones ever, which apparently worked! He’s such a boy scout – I love it.

We had a whirlwind of travel in GA where Cathy had a LOVELY wedding (send pictures!), and Zoe had a great time at the playground, with VIDEOS to prove it:


As you can tell by the SWING! video, mommy is a little less interested in “higher and faster”, but I think of my own choice to jump out of a plane at age 24 and know exactly where she got the inclination. While we were home in GA, Zoe got to spend time with her cousins Sophia (9) and Spencer (5), who she affectionately referred to as her “friends”. I say that because any moment they were out of her sight she’d say in a very concerned voice “Where friends go?” over and over…

It’s fun to have a verbal child ;)

Last Sunday I flew back to NY for the Webby Awards on Monday night (our company was nominated! and though we didn’t win, it was still cool), and then on Tuesday I flew back to LA from NY and Bart again fearlessly flew solo with Zoe across the country. This time she slept for 2 of the 4 hours (sweet!), though apparently she first found the most uncomfortable position for Bart (aka “the mattress”).

WHEW. I’m exhausted just writing about it, but needless to say, we’re doing well, Zoe is growing up faster than we care to admit, and we’re glad to be home. And now it’s time to head out for Palm Springs for the long weekend. Woo Hoo! Hope you have a fabulous Memorial Day weekend :)

2 thoughts on “Summertime!

    1. Believe it or not, BART was the verbal one as a child – I am equally shocked, but his mom said he got “talks to much” ALL the time in school. So, clearly, she’s doomed.

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