Big Brother (or Mother/Father)

It’s for her safety, honestly. But I must say we get to see the oddest things on the baby monitor (as evidenced by the video above).

I also have to say, I love this thing. If you’re a parent of a small child (or even a big one), I highly recommend you look into the Summer Infant Video Monitor. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve avoided running into the room when Zoe makes a noise to see if she’s having trouble – or just having a moment of “AHH!” followed by instant sleep. It’s also great for when we big dummies drop something or make a loud noise – or when the gardeners show up right outside her window with a blower – to see if she’s been disturbed. We hold our breath while we watch…

In fact, they now even have a BETTER one, with touch-screen action and remote camera control. Maybe we should upgrade while she’s still young so we can test all the places to hide it by the time she’s a teenager? Or maybe not…

Some things we get to enjoy with our lower-tech version:

  • Zoe sleeps with her booty in the air (TOWARDS the camera) and hands basically between her feet, a version of child’s pose, so we get a lot of booty views
  • To get herself to sleep, she does what we call “singing” though it sounds like a guttural hum you almost have to hear to imagine (and it works)
  • She tosses and turns, flips and flops and does what we call “yoga” (looks a lot like down dog) when she’s “playing” before she passes out for naps
  • She talks to her Angel Dear owl and her Wubbanub monkey
  • She rushes to the end of the crib nearest the door (also nearest the camera) and expresses her displeasure when she wants O.U.T.
  • There is a blind spot… on the camera end of the crib, right at the bottom where she sometimes “hides” though we think that’s just coincidence…?

Anyway, we’re clearly big fans of spying, I mean, “monitoring” our sweet child. Sometimes, when I’ve been traveling and get home after she’s asleep, I just watch her breathe. And sometimes, that’s enough.

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