Birthday Princess?!

Here she is, in all her one-year-old glory: PRINCESS ZOE!

[insert glitter and sparkly jewelry here]

Anyone who knows me can point out all the things wrong in this picture. It’s like a hocus focus game, but you have to fill in your own comparison image, and the differences are glaring ;)

First, she’s wearing pink. Though at least it’s a fuchsia sort of pink. Second, her shirt says princess. PRINCESS. If you’ve been reading the blog or know me at all, you know that Zoe’s princess days will be entirely up to her, not mommy-imposed, and I am in no hurry for them to happen. No need for you to mention that the photo is blurry (I’ve tried several times to get a non-blurry one of her on her actual birthday to no avail) and yes, she has a cherry bit stuck to her face.

But man she’s cute.

Her dad and I kept reminding one another today “where we were” just one year ago. At 6:40 am I pointed out that the doctor had just shown up after I had held off for 30 minutes during labor waiting for her arrival, and she said “go ahead and push whenever you feel like it” – and boy did I push. And it was worth every second of that experience to get to be mamamamamamamama to this truly incredible little girl.

I know, I know. Every parent thinks their child is tops, and I’m no different there. But I do believe that beyond having one of the sunniest dispositions out there, our little girl is on track to have the chops to do some really big things (or some little, really cool things).

Take for example, the things she’s achieved by her first birthday:

  • able to say 20 words, clearly (well, nana nana is a stretch but come on, who wants just 19 words)
  • able to sign 13 words in ASL (unlucky but true)
  • able to make 10 animal sounds (applied to 10 correct animals)
  • able to stand alone (though she hasn’t noticed that yet)
  • able to walk with assistance of a push toy or someone’s fingers
  • able to feed herself with both hands (sometimes simultaneously)
  • able to use an iPad better than… well, many. I won’t name any names.
  • able to smile and wave at strangers with more enthusiasm than you can imagine

I think that’s quite a list of accomplishments. And as of this morning, she’s able to (sort of) open a birthday gift:

At this rate, it’s going to be a long, long, long birthday party on Sunday… ;)

Happy Birthday, My Love! Even if you end up a princess, I’ll love you all the same. Thanks for letting us be your parents -and don’t forget these poopy diaper changing days when you hit the big time (though you CAN forget it was dad that changed all the poopy diapers – trust me, this is a partnership).

7 thoughts on “Birthday Princess?!

  1. Happy birthday Zoe! It will be great to look back at all this electronic documentation of your early years when you get a bit older.

  2. Wow, what a beautiful princess!! Zoe has truly captured my love just like her wonderful mom did on May 23rd :) May you a million more super happy birthdays, Zoe Love Nana

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