The Greatest Show on Earth

VIDEO SPOILER:  She’s looking at herself… (click on image above to see video)

So in order to get a shower, which I desperately wanted, I decided to try out the bouncy again – a really cool vibrating chair that our friends Karin and Luis gave us, which their son Justice LOVED. When I say “again”, it’s because the first time we tried it, she looked up at us and screamed until we took her out… But as they say, desperate times, desperate measures.

Luckily, this time it worked like a charm. I placed her in the bouncy, strapped her in, and sat her in the middle of the bathroom floor, then turned it on. She stared at me, silent (that was a step in the right direction). THEN I attached the green arm that extends over the top of the bouncy and has A MIRROR ON IT (you can see a bit of it in the upper right corner of the video). She was intrigued. Finally, I started up the baby tunes. And miracle of miracles, our daughter found her favorite new show: The Zoe Show.

It has mystery, suspense, action, and the cutest baby on earth. Bart and I have been watching it for months, so this wasn’t news to us. She spent my entire (albeit short) shower staring intently at herself, and sometimes “talking”. I kept expecting the worst, so I peeked out of the shower every minute or so, but she never even looked at me. That Zoe Show is addictive, I’ll tell you. So if you find yourself captive audience to the live version, watch out ;)

Oh, and whoever designed that bouncy thing and put a mirror on it is a genius.

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