Fun with Nina!

My sweet mother just flew all the way to LA to help us out as we get adjusted to this parenting thing, and Zoe has a new best friend! As is often the case, the first grandchild gets to name the grandmother, and so my cutie pie niece Sophia (in an attempt to say “Nana”) named my mom “Nina”, and it stuck.

So Zoe’s new pal Nina has lovingly changed a lot of diapers (do you notice a pattern here? everyone who visits changes diapers… consider yourselves warned). She has also rocked Zoe for hours and sang songs to soothe her – songs that I’m sure she sang to me and my sister when we were babies, and unlike our teenage years when “Mom, don’t sing!” was a common request from us, I’m sure we loved the sound of my mother singing to us when we were babies as much as Zoe is loving it now. Perspective, I suppose – especially since this time I’m enjoying them, too!

It’s so interesting to think how much things have changed since we were born (no need for you to comment on how very long ago that was) and also makes you wonder what current “knowledge” will be under attack years from now. One thing we love about our pediatrician (Dr. JJ) is that she told us NOT to look everything up on the internet, which of course is very difficult to do, but basically she agrees that you can find so much contradictory information online – so at some point you have to decide who to trust. And she suggests we trust her. In fact, we can email her any time with questions, and she will help us weed through the clutter. I’ve actually done this, and she responded in less than 3 hours on a Saturday – that is amazing, if you ask me!

Anyway, we’re muddling through over here. Still seeking a rhythm to things, still wishing for sleep – but it’s been so nice to have my mom around to help. Moms rock ;)

And now for photographic proof of Fun with Nina and Zoe, who is 1 month old today!

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