As the countdown to Zoe continues, my fabulous husband booked a babymoon for us last weekend! Since we’re officially in the “no fly zone”, we decided on a local getaway that was far enough from home to keep us from spending the weekend looking at baby stuff – and it worked!

We went to the Hyatt Resort & Spa in Huntington Beach, CA (about 1.5 hours from home). It was lovely! We booked some spa services on Saturday morning (facial & pedicure), then spent the day in a cabana by the pool and walked over to the beach in the afternoon, where I took an actual NAP right there in the sand. For those who don’t know, unlike Bart Johnson who can sleep absolutely any time anywhere, I am unable to nap, ever. But it was a beautiful day, and I’m sure the sound of the ocean helped lull me into sleep. And yes, I know. I better learn to nap if I’m to survive the first few weeks of Zoe’s life.

After a lazy day in the sun, we went out to a nice dinner at The Cannery (yummy) and in true pregnant lady fashion, I was asleep by 9:30. That might not sound like a crazy last hurrah to most of you, but relaxation was just what we needed after what seem like endless weeks of planning for little Zoe’s arrival. Ironically, there were kids everywhere at the resort (and at the beach, of course) so we did a lot of guessing about how Zoe will act and look, but mostly, we relaxed.

On Sunday we walked around downtown Huntington Beach (Surf City USA) and checked out all the surf shops, then headed back home to the reality of groceries and list-making and preparing for work on Monday.

And yes, the picture above is my belly. My dear husband took it on the beach when I was telling him how many requests I’d had over the past week for a belly picture. Not what you had in mind, I’m sure, but it’s the best we’ve got for now. We’re having actual pregnancy pictures taken by a professional this week, so as soon as we get those, we promise to share something better (though don’t think Bart Johnson isn’t proud of his artwork!).

8 thoughts on “Babymoon!

  1. GREAT picture :) It looks like a full (baby)moon…
    Glad you guys enjoyed the get away. Less than 7 Weeks?? I can’t believe it!

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