Bartzilla Takes Manhattan!

So you may have already received an email about this one, but for posterity, I’m posting to the blog. Last Thursday, Bart Johnson attended the ringing of the NASDAQ opening bell!

He’s not on NASDAQ’s video on facebook (actually you can maybe see his finger on the far right side if you squint), BUT…here’s a picture of Bartzilla being projected on the side of a really cool building at 4 Times Square where the NASDAQ trading empire is located – the 12th tallest building in NYC!

And a different picture of him was tweeted by one of our clients, too: (read: Bart is now famous!)

The company we work for (Aquent) is sponsoring Internet Week in NYC, and as part of our sponsorship, we got to send 2 folks to the Opening Bell ceremony. What better attendee than a 19-year Aquent veteran with an economics degree? ;)

Needless to say, both Bart and his partner-in-crime Kelly had a great time. AND so did the market! The NASDAQ, Dow and S&P all hit a high since May 27 on that day. Can’t believe they haven’t asked him back yet!

Proud to know ya, Mr. Johnson!

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